This is a song called "Making Good", that was replaced by "The Wizard and I". The song took place just after arriving at Shiz. Elphaba sang it to her sister. The tune, except for the first verse, is different from anything else in the show.

Making Good

Unlimited, think of it Nessa
The future is Unlimited
And, don't laugh
I have a vision almost like a prophecy, Nessa
You can call me crazy
True, the vision's hazy
But I swear someday there'll be
A celebration throughout Oz, that's all to do with me
You'll see

At long long last, I'm making my way
Out of here
Erase the past
And as of today, clean and clear
Today I start my quest
To find my special destiny
Be more than just the best I could
I'll be making good

Cause in my gut, I know I can do, something great
I don't know what yet, but when I'm through, just you wait
One day see all I've done, they'll tell me you're so wonderful
We wish back then we'd understood, you'd be making good
Good, I'll be making good
Undertaking new inventions or discoveries
Maybe find a cure for some disease
Maybe make some great injustice cease
Or perhaps create a masterpiece
Something that astounds
Something that amazes
Something that has everybody singing my praises

The shouts of love will burn through the air
And what's more
A certain governor will be there
Claiming credit for
This magic child of his, boasting how proud he is of me
For doing things the wizard would not even contemplate

So they can, go ahead and laugh
'Til their sides are aching
But if I do half
what I feel inside me waking
They'll be cheering after
I have finished making good
No, not making good
Making Great

This is a song called "Which Way's the Party", which was replaced by "Dancing Through Life". I have two versions of it, so both are here!:

In an institution such as Shiz
The academic pressure is intense
Enough to bring on indigestion

You can say that again!

When you're surrounded by authorities
You can lose track of your priorities
Which is why I pose this all-important question:
Which way's the party?
Which way's the next keg of Winkie beer?
Let's have too much to handle
Stir up a scandal
And hang from a chandelier
Which way's the party?
By now I hope it's become clear
Which way's the party --
The party is here!

So -- what's the most swankified place in town?

That would be the Ozdust Ballroom.

Let's go down to the Ozdust Ballroom
We'll meet there later tonight
We can dance till it's light
Leave the books on the shelves
Take our bad selves
Right on down to the Ozdust ballroom
We'll wear our fanciest duds
And I'll buy the first round o' suds
That's my suggestion To answer the question --

Which way's the party?

It's time to pin on a boutonniere
I found a lounge we can loll in
Where morals are fallen
Who wants to volunteer?

Individual Students
Me! Me! Me! Me!

Let's have us a party
By now I hope it's becoming clear
Which way's the party
The party is here

Second version
The trouble with schools is
they always try to teach the wrong lesson.
Believe me I've been kicked out of enough of them to know.
They want you to think harder, look deeper,
and cram all that stress in.
But I say stop studying stife
and learn to live the unexamined life.

Which way is the party?...
(As above, and then continuing as follows...)

Miss Galinda, uh, if you need an escort to the ballroom - I would be happy to-

Oh how very kind. But you know what would be even kinder?
See that tragically beautiful girl over there?
In the chair?
Is it fair
we get to go and have fun and not she?
I would feel so much better if somebody were
to ask her.
Why that person would shine like a star only brighter-
And he'd be my hero.

Well I could invite her!

Oh Biq really? You would do that for me?

I would do anything for you Miss Galinda.
Miss Nessarose, there's something I'd like to ask you.

So. You'll be picking me up around 8.

It's a date.
But don't be late because I won't wait.

Don't be late because I won't wait.

All In Variation
Don't be late because I wont - wait.

Which way is the party?
Which way?
Which way is the next keg of the Winkie beer?
We'll start it out frantic and then get romantic
I'll be the (chante clear?)
Hey one and all-
Head down to the party - party!
Let's heat up the atmosphere.

Which way's the party?

Which way's the party?

Oh which way's the party?

Which way's the party?

Right here!

Nessa! Oh... You look beautiful!

And to think! I owe it all to Galinda!


Boq was too shy to ask me at first but then Galinda-

Nessa don't you see what's going on? She's trying to-

Don't! Don't you dare say another word against her. If I were you I'd think about doing something nice for her instead of all this nastiness and suspicion. I'm about to have the first happy night of my life - Thanks to Galinda. And you've never been anything to her but WICKED.

Madame Morrible
Oh it does my heart good to see your sister looking so happy. Now where did we leave off last time? Hm? Miss Elphaba?

Madame. Suppose someone you thought was selfish suddenly did something incredibly kind for someone you love very much?

Madame Morrible
Not your fault.

Madame. I need you to do something for me.

Party down at the OzDust Ballroom!
Come on down to the OzDust Ballroom!
See you there at the OzDust Ballroom!

Madame Morrible
Miss Upland!

Madame Morrible! What are you doing here?

Madame Morrible
I have something for you.

Oh! A training wand! Oh Madame - how can I ever express my gratitution?

Madame Morrible
Oh, don't thank me. It was your roommate's idea, not mine.

What? Elphaba?

Madame Morrible
Yes. Miss Elphaba requested that you join our sorcery class. She insisted that I ask you this very night or she would quit the seminar.

Oh. But... why?

Madame Morrible
I have no idea. My personal opinion is that you do not have what it takes. I hope you prove me wrong. I doubt you will.

What is it?

I got what I wanted.

Well then what's the matter?


You know, you are alarmingly pretty.

Well - of course!

You know - I won't mind if you'd like to take a turn on the dance floor.

What? Why would I want to do that?

You don't enjoy dancing?

Oh. Dancing at a dance is so... typical.
Listen Nessa-


Uh Nessa, I've got something to confess-
a reason why, well,
why I asked you here tonight.
And I know it isn't fair-

Oh Boq, I know why.

You do?
It's because I'm in this chair
and you felt sorry for me.
Well? Isn't that right?

No it's because - uh -
because you are so beautiful!

Oh Boq! I think you're wonderful.
And we deserve each other.
Don't see this is our chance?
We deserve each other,
don't we Boq?

You know what?
Let's dance!


Let's dance!

Well I'll say this much for her. She doesn't give a twig what anyone else thinks.

It's awful... everyone's staring.

It's not like it's your fault.

Excuse me. *clears throat* May I... cut in?

Which way is the party?
By now the time is becoming clear.
(Back and forth)
The party is here.
We deserve each other.
The party is here.
We deserve each other.
The party is here.
The party is here!

Here's a verse for Fiyero in "As Long As You're Mine" that was replaced:

What am I doing?
What's this I feel?
The boy who was certain
Love isn't real

And, some lyrics in "No Good Deed" that were eliminated:

The damage is unlimited
To everyone I've tried to help
Or tried to love
And, oh, Fiyero, you're the latest
Victim of my greatest achievement
In a long career of distress
Every time I could, I tried making good
And what I made was a mess!

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