Why Erik?

Here are some more reasons you would have picked Erik!

From Meghan:
I have to admit at first I thought 'what a stupid question' but having read Raoul's Defence I realise that they brought up some good points. However.... before you all think what am I doing writing on this page if that's what I think, O am a definite Erik afficianado. It's quite simple - why settle for OK when amazing is around the corner?
Sure he was prone to mood swings and a bit obsessed but come on girls who hasn't met a bloke like that (think football rather than music and you've got the same thing - ever tried to get between your man and match of the day!!?)
He was handsome (the mask? - well no one's perfect), he loved her with a passion worth dying for, he's intelligent, he has a voice worth dying for - even when he's just talking!
Sorry Raoul fans but it's just got to be Erik every time!

From Lizzy:
I would have chosen Erik because he's much more mysterious than Raoul. I mean, the guy manages to creep around and appear and disapear like crazy. How cool is that! He's just got that whole dark and mysterious look going on and that so would have made me choose him!

From Jo:
What a question! I always thought it was obvious why she should have chosen Erik , and her not choosing Erik is what made the story the tragedy it is. Thinking about it I can give a few reasons on why I would have chosen Erik if I were Christine
First and foremost he loves her , and she knows its not just for her looks (duh) and I mean come on gurls if you knew a guy was actually intersted in more than just your looks wouldnt that make him way more attractive to you , It means he is actually intersted in you
How do we know he loved her and its not just a obbsession , well he kills for her , not saying i would want a guy to kill for me but you gotta admit its flattering . (as long as it stops after you marry lol)
He is a genius and sings like a angel, nuff said
He is sensitive and caring , after being hurt like he has can you just imagine how he would treat someone he loves and loves him back , I mean think about how much he would value you .
So for me he is the perfect guy, smart (understatment) caring, sensitive, a little vulnurable, sophisticated , great fashion sense for his time, sense of humour (the tricks on the managers in all in books, musical were so funny) and a world traveller to boot, what can I say PREFECT !!! as for the killing and temper, I am sure a little luv could handle that

From Crystal:
To be honest, he deserved a heck of a lot better than Christine, but she should have at least given this angel a chance to show her how deep his love for her ran before she decided....she'd already decided by the time they got to "All I Ask Of You"...and I agree with Lisa's reasons as well..btw, he's MY ANGEL!

From Mahleah:
*reads some E/C fluff to get her Erik fix*
Why Erik.....?
Yes, he had the appearance of a corpse, smelled of death, yackity shmackity...who cares? Honestly, I think the fact that something even EXISTS makes it into a beautiful thing, but that's just my personal philosophy. He makes you want to just hold him and console him and let him know everything will be all right. He had an ENORMOUS amount of talent at his dispense including ventriloquism, a beautiful seductive and mesmerizing voice, and an IQ that was probably upwards of 180. Despite frequent homicidal tendencies (which I could forgive anyday. I want to kill people daily, and my life isn't nearly as tragic and loveless as his was.) he would have been the most agreeable, devoted, and caring lover to Christine. Her will was his command. He hungered for love so much that he suffered every humiliation if it meant that it gave him a chance to win Christine's love. He would NEVER have raised a finger to hurt her. And in the end, when he let her leave him, God as my witness, I was bawling like a small child. Such selflessness in a life where all he had ever had was himself was remarkable. Erik put Christine's happiness, ultimately, over his own life. She was his last chance at love. He attached himself to her so completely that I don't think it would have been possible for him to love another woman after Christine. It's a pity. So many of us phans could have offered so much more! I know all I'd ever want was to simply see Erik happy without feeling the inevitable betrayal that always reared it's ugly head.
All I ever heard Raoul say was how "beautiful" Christine was. What if SHE were ugly? What if, shortly after their escape she fell prey to some horrible deformity? Would he still love her? That's a question to which I'm not sure is the answer. That is because I am not sure of Raoul's love for Christine. Raoul and Christine's love seemed superficial on many levels. But that stemmed from its innocence. It felt like a game to be played by children, their love. I could sense no connection between the souls of these two people. In the end, I am not saying that Christine DID in fact love Erik more than Raoul, but that Erik was by far the better choice and man, as well as that Christine was simply too inexperienced and ignorant to see clearly.
Finally (I'm sorry, I know I've said more than a mouthful), I know, that if Erik somehow to day showed up on my doorstep, one would have to restrain me to keep me from jumping him...*mischievious smile* buuuut...that's just me! Alas, *acts dramatic* we were born in two different times, in two different worlds. *tears form in eyes* My poor, beloved, unhappy Erik!

From Linda:
I DID choose Erik as I put myself in Christine's place while watching the movie. The reason I chose Erik is for many of the reasons you mentioned, but I would also like to add, that if Christine had allowed herself to trust Erik as he had sang to her to do and become truly his, the love Erik would have seen and felt from Christine would have brought deep healing to his soul and his love for her that she would have grown to see was deeper than most would have been transforming for her, as well. I believe Raoul's love for Christine was so young and innocent and he would have found love again. When Christine left with Erik, the Music of the Night was no more. What a waste for both Erik and Christine. I couldn't have left Erik myself. I couldn't have watched his heart break like that. He also had so much passion to give both in music and love. Linda

From Jillian D.:
Erik is also a person or a man. Just because he is disfigure deformed since birth and needs to understand human love. Through his childhood and adulthood he was grown into bitter hate and rage, because of his deformation. His love is for Christine Daae, he also adores her and desire her.
Even the movie when Gerard Butler plays the passionate and handsome Phantom. That I truly loved about it. Erik and Christine always loved each other and it will never die. Even he was her teacher in the past and then her beloved.
I will always choose Erik because the book or movie tells us what people would do. Thanks!

From Brianna:
I would have chosen Erik. I love his passion and how he is expressed in song. I kinda feel sorry for him and I want to cry when I think of how he was treated. If he loved me as he loved Christine I would have stayed down there forever.

From Celia:
I don't see what the big deal is with the face. I work as a volunteer in a hospital, and I met my first love in the burn ward. He didn't really even have much of a face. If he loved me as much as Erik loved Christine, maybe we'd still be together. Then there's Erik's genius. Think about it, girls, who wouldn't be blessed to have a guy you can discuss meaningful things with? Like the latest book you read, philosophy, life... I mean actually talk, without him just spacing out with a confused look on his face. How many guys can do that? And how many straight guys can SING like that? Erik, put simply, is a catch.

From Claire:
Soooooooooooooo Erik, I mean, He loved her so much, but then that cursed Raoul came along and took Christine (which I sorta don't care for Chrisine that much because after "point of no return", Erik is telling her how much he loves her and she tears off his mask and humiliates him!) Plus, Raoul is a comlete coward and drags her off. Erik deserved everything he wanted, but he got nothing. Besides, if people would love him, he wouldn't have killed anyone.

From Lisa:
People keep saying 'He loves Christine', but they don't go any further than that. So, I feel it is my duty to give proof about how much he loves Christine.
1) He loved her enough to let her go because she wasn't happy. He held her happiness above his own. (novel/ALW's musical)
2) He would do anything for her, including kill. Everything he did, he did for her. Whether for her happiness or for her chance to shine, it was ultimately for HER. (novel/ALW musical)
3) Albeit, the stalker thing could be somewhat creepy, he actually knew her. Her ups and downs, her favourite colour, and her shoe size. (Lon Chaney movie version)
4) "Yet in his eyes all the sadness of the world.../Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore." Need I say more? (ALW)
5) When she rips off his mask, he gets really upset at her (of course, she ignored his one rule, after all), but he doesn't hurt her. He doesn't raise a hand. He would never hurt her (physically). (novel/ALW)
That's all I can think of right now.

From Angelique:
Well, you would have to be insane not to chose my Erik. Yes, My Erik. I'm afraid I'm a little too obsessed; I'm a gigantic Phan. Oh well, Back to the topic. *clears throat*
1. He's a frickin' genius. C'mon, everyone loves a smart man, and a genius is even better!
2. He has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. I Just want to vanish in it, to drown in the inhuman perfection.
3. You might want to kick me for saying this, but I can just look past the face. (any of the versions) I don't mind it, not in the least, and I'd be more than happy to give him a kiss. =3
4. I just plain adore him. =D I've got a voice to match his... almost... but still. It would have made me proud to sing with him.
5. I mourn his losses. I practically cry when ever I see or read something bad happen to him. Or, I want to rip the throat out of who ever is causing him pain's neck. *cough*Raoul*cough*
6. He may have a disfigured face, but he has a beautiful soul. Yeah, he is a murderer, but please. Push that thought aside for just a moment. He'll revive your heart, rekindle the flames of desire, uncage your soul and teach it how to fly. He's wonderful. It's the person inside that matters, not how rich they are, or how handsome they are.
7. Those dark eyes hold something of severe sorrow that I just want to kiss away and make better, to hold him and say it's ok. To hold him forever and never let go. Curses on Christine for leaving him like that! *shakes fist* That was just plain cruel. To kiss him, and then kiss him again, and then leave with Mr. Pretty boy Raoul. Peh.
8. He's devoted and passionate, and would die for the one he loved. And then to have his heart broken and shattered into many peices when Christine left him, oh my good-ness, I started to cry at the ending. And I also wanted to kill Raoul for stealing Christine away.
Well, I have much more to say, but I would be taking up alot of space. In easy thought, I adore every aspect of the Phantom. I really do. =D And, with that, I end my rant. Tootles.

From David A. Ridge:
Why, it's simple! All The Phantom ever wanted was for someone to love him. Like the old song said, and this may date me, "Everybody's got to love somebody sometime." Oh, the choice of Erik, that's the authors prerogative.

From Felene Duval:
Well, he's intelligent, sensitive, experienced. Sort of the kind of guy you can talk to. I like older guys. Erik has the distinct advantage that, unlike Raoul, he's not just a 'guy': he has the rare quality of being a man, a real man. He's protective, and caring, devoted. I'm a bit in love with myself. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.
I mean, god! He needs her, though! He's so insecure sometimes, he just needs someone who'll hold him and tell him he's perfect, and never leave him in doubt of their devotion.
Christine was an idiot to leave.
I hate the way she hurt him.
You have a beautiful soul, Erik. I love you.
You'll always be an angel to me.

From Christine:
Well, I agree with most of the comments on here already, but I wanted to put in my two cents (or whatever) on choosing Erik. I'm a Phan (and better yet, my name is Christine). ;D I can see how people might be frightened away from him because he IS a murderer, but it's how he was raised and treated. On the other hand, I'm a musician (singer and instrumentalist) and I immediately fall for the genius composer. I saw the movie and wow. Saying that that music was supposed to be Erik's, I was (and am) immediately in love with him. Also, Raoul "loves" Christine, but it's more of an innocent first relationship thing; with Erik, Christine has a chance at TRUE love. I love the way the movie portrayed this: look at Christine with Raoul, she's uptight and nervous; with Erik she's open, attracted, and entranced. Also, everyone says that Raoul was rich, but remember, Erik also had money from his opera "salary." ;) Well, if it makes any one feel better, this Christine chooses the handsome (inside) and musical Erik!

From Anne:
I would have chosen Erik simply because he loved with all his being and all he asked in return was the same kind of love. All else falls into place with a love so great!

From Kristine:
Because of his sadness, you would look into his eyes and see all the terrible things that had happend in his life,and you would do everything in your power to try and make him happy again.

From Viola:
If I were Christine, I would stay with Erik because he needed me much more than Raoul. He needed love, friendship, tenderness but he agreeded to take it only from Christine and nobody else. I would try to bring some light and joy to his dark soul...

From Diana Barron:
Simply because he does love Christine. She chose what she knows, childhood friend a connection to her past, but had Raoul not been part of the picture I believe she would have choosen Erik because he gave her a connection to her father and his last dying word. That he would look after her after he was gone. (Her Angel, Her Father,) Take Raoul out of her life and she would have fallen in love with Erik. In my humble opinion.

From Victoria:
I would choose Erik is because of these reasons:
#1: "he has the voice of a god!" I mean what girl wouldn't love a man with a voice no other man could surpass in there life!!!!!??????
#2: "the face" I know most girls would say I was mad, but I love his face, not the currant movie phantom but the origanal face of Erik, at first it didn't appeal to me but after a while I came to love his face, I just would in no way mind giving him a kiss, and not a kiss on the cheek.....
#3: "his wardwrobe" I love his outfits, and the colors black, red,dark blue I love them all, I also love the cape, love the boots, love the everything!!!!
#4: "THE MASK" who the hell wouldn't love the mask, that is what makes Erik, well.....Erik! when you think phantom of the opera you automaticly think "MASK" although I automatically think "Erik, my dream man!" it's just the best asset of him!!!!!
#5 "he is a genius!!!!" Erik can do things no man on earth could ever do, he's a singer, director, architect, composer, actor, etc.......He can do so many things and yet still finds time to have fun (his definiton of fun that is!) but he is very smart too!
#6: "his relationship with christine" he was sooooo devoted to her that I wanted to kill christine when she went with Raoul! I HATE CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if I were christine I would have gone back to Erik faster then a super speed car!!!!!

From Bre:
I would have chosen Erik because he is more of a man to me than Raoul is. The novel and the show prove that. Erik is willing to risk his life for her, he is willing to kill for her, and he is willing to change reality if need be. Erik has some real talant and character, where as Raoul only has money. Yes, Raoul has some character, but Erik completely out ranks him in that area. Raoul did love Christine a long time ago according to the novel, but I believe that was only because of convinience. Raoul came around every summer, so it was easy to see and fall in love with Christine. Erik goes out of his way to see Christine. He would probably prefer not to be seen or heard, but he came out for Christine, and in the end he died from it. He did give his life for her in a way. That is why I would have chosen Erik over Raoul. Erik is more devoted that Raoul is, and I would want a love to be like that. This is partly why I fell in love with this story the first time I really heard it.

From Marissa:
I would definitely have chosen Erik over Raoul; I completely fell in love with the character of the Phantom after reading the book and watching the movie. Erik was so passionate and loving and caring with christine, it really saddened me how she could leave someone that loved her that much, just leave them alone with thier love (of course listening to the Minnie Driver song from the movie does nothing to lift your spirits). one thing that i think is more evident in the movie/ play then the book is: christine's love for raoul was like a teenage romance, sweet and innocent; in thier hearts they were still children. but the love between her and erik was deep, soulful, lustful, sexual. please, he totally turned her on with his music! so id much rather be with erik, id want someone who loved me so passionately and strongly. who cares about his face

From Breana:
I would have choosen Erik over Raoul. just the fact that some one loved me enough to practically ruin Carlotta so I could be the lead? Ummmmm... sorry girls that is very romantic. Not to mention the fact that he murdered someone. To me that shows he is strong and i dont want any weakling for my man. I want some one who is going to protect me not jump in my arms

From Vonda:
I believe that if I was Christine, I would of stayed with Erik. He taught her how to sing, and got her a lead in a play. All he wanted was compassion and love. He is a genius and very clever. My vote goes for Erik.

From Katherine:
I fell in love with Erik when I first read The Phantom of the Opera novel. I hated the ending, I felt that Christine had made such a terrible decision. To me Raoul was just in love with Christine because of her beauty, while Erik deeply loved and cared for her. He risked a lot trying to get her to be with him, and in the end cost him so much. Erik was my favorite character, so caring, gently, artistic, gifted. I felt as if Christine didn't want to be with him, just because he was a little deformed, and he wore a mask....she should have learned to look deeper inside a person's soul.

From Ashley Weber:
He is a musical genius and Christine is a talented soprano opera singer, so they click.

From Ella:
Raoul can have whoever he wants. He would have gotten over Christine. Fair enough, he's in love, but so's Erik. And isnt that a miracle in itself? Someone who has spent their whole life hating and shutting themselves away from others actually comes to love someone. A person who is used to manipulating and controlling people for what HE wants, somehow finds the courage and love to let what he most desires go. There is something to say about that.
And what's Erik got left now? Nothing. And he knew that he was dooming himself to an even lonlier existence when he made that choice. He knew that she was the key to his happiness, but still he placed her's above his, no matter the cost.

From Janelle:
Personally I would have chosen Erik because he doesn't care about society or how you would look on his arm at a gala, he trutly loves and adores. Raoul on the other hand is young and his family is very prestigous and would expect a lot from me, a lowly opera singer. Although Raoul loves Christine would he still feel the same if she wasnt what his family expected or if she didn't live up to their expectations or society's. While Erik would love you no matter what unconditionally, I would choose a unconditional love over a love that might fade over time...but that's just me..

From Lauren:
I would have chosen Erik because he is truly a genuine man. After all the hardship he had been through, he was brave enough to give his heart to Christine. He was very romantic also. So if he would have asked me,my answer would be yes,yes,yes! I also think (I have seen the Musical and the Movie...loved both!) that when Christine gives him back the ring in the movie,it symbolizes that she loves both Raoul and the Phantom, but in her heart,she will always belong to Erik. Also with regards to the rose on the grave,that is way better then the musical's ending! To think that someone would be that devoted...well it blows me away...so I believe Christine made a terrible choice when she chose Raoul, because if I were her, I would be the phantom's bride any day! People speak as if this was a crime story...remember,this is about passion and true love. All the mothers reading this,would you kill to save your child? Of course you would. So before you go calling him a crazy man (which in the story is supposed to happen), think of what you would have done for your true love. Love makes people do CRAZY things,this doesn't however,mean the person in question is crazy...plus,Phantom was WAY hotter than that Raoul...:*...lol...

From Andrea:
The phantom loves her enough to let her go.

from Nellie:
Erik is a haunted, tortured genius who escaped a horrid background to become a composer, architect, stalker, and magician but most importantly homicidal maniac. And he LOVES Christine. And nasty lil' Raoul probably spends more time preening than thinking about Christine. He writes beautiful music, pulls off amazing stunts, practically owns the opera house. Shout out to Sarah *hee hee*

From Satyra:
I think she should have chosen Erik because, in addition to what was said above, he was willing to change for her. He also has a much deeper character. If Christine had gone with Erik then Raoul would simply have been heart broken for a couple of months and then moved on.

From Sophie:
A few of the reasons that I would have stayed with Erik are:
#1: His passionate love for Christine
#2: His genius (I mean seriously, if his music was anything like that in the musical, I'd be in love regardless of any deformity)
#3: Despite what many people think, he only acted the way he did (in the violent scenes) because of the suffering he had known his whole life.
#4: Erik continues to love Christine even when she rejects him. If that is not true love, I'm not sure what is.
#5: I'm a night person anyways, so being in the Phantom's dark world would actually be ideal for me. ;-)
Just about anyone would feel a bit of resentment for the world if they had been treated the way he had been. In a way, people brought it upon themselves with their harsh rejection and ridicule. Also, Christine did seem to be quite taken with Erik before she saw his face, so it kind of makes her look shallow for rejecting him later. I don't have anything against Raoul or Christine, but I can truthfully say that I would choose Erik over Raoul any day. Or night. Or whatever... :-)
One more thing (I'll shut up after this, I promise!)
The Phantom gave Christine everything he had. He gave her his music, his love, his trust. Raoul could have had any eligible young lady as his fiance. How can we be sure that he really gave Christine everything? Yeah, sure he loved her, but was he there when Christine was feeling low from the loss of her father? Uh, no. Was he there to help Christine improve her singing so that she might complete her life goal of becoming an opera singer? No. Did he understand Christine's pain from feeling alone after losing her father? Once again, NO. Both Erik and Christine felt alone in the world and Erik took it upon himself to always be there to guide Christine. He was the one person who was always there to comfort her and be her "angel". Erik and Christine understood each other. They had a relationship that was way beyond that of Raoul's and Christine's relationship. Ok. I'm done.

From Christine:
"In sleep he sang to me...in dreams he came." I would have chosen Erik. I would absolutely swoon over a man who would sing me to sleep! Like the other comments that I have read here, I too find the whole mask, black suit and flowing cape and the dark but passionate Erik so very enticing!

From Stephanie:
I think she should have stayed with Erik is that the way they were with each other and that he loved her so much he was willing to give her up at the end.

From Naomi Brownlow:
I just saw the movie version of this Opera and I was in shock. It took my breath away and is now easily my favorite movie of all time.. I wished that Christine stayed with the Phantom, he truly, and genuinly loved and adored her and made sure that nothing would harm her. I was heart broken at the end of the movie when she went with Raoul. But I am also confused at the end of the movie, how did the ring and the phantom's flower end on her grave? long story short, she should have stayed with the Phantom, they had something special..

From Lorelei:
That is a very tough choice. I always felt sorry for the Phantom in the end. He just wanted to love somebody and he had no social skills so he had no way of knowing how to approach Christine other then to trap her.
I probably would have picked the Phantom because he had been alone all of his life and had no love to look back on for the rest of it. Don't get me wrong though. I like Raoul too. Its just that he was always seeming kind of wimpy...but hot at the same time.
I might not have picked the Phantom because he had been mean to me and trapped me and I would feel spiteful towards him for that. It would depend on how I would feel in Christines place. I think that the Phantom would have been so spiteful since the world had scorned him for pretty much his whole life. It was not his fault.
I think that it would be cool to be Mrs. Phantom and learn all the tricks to the opera house. Then I would play a few tricks on people I did not like when they were in the Opera House.

From Kellemon:
Erik is someone who has been scorned from society and has every reason to never show his face again, and to most people he doesn't, but he trusts Christine with the real him. He cares for her after her father dies and he does everything in his power to make sure that she is happy, even if htat means, as it does in the play, that he has to leave her becasue his love for her scares him. Plus, if you have seen the movie, which you should, he can do the sexy cloak-flipping thing.

From Kellemon:
Erik is someone who has been scorned from society and has every reason to never show his face again, and to most people he doesn't, but he trusts Christine with the real him. He cares for her after her father dies and he does everything in his power to make sure that she is happy, even if htat means, as it does in the play, that he has to leave her becasue his love for her scares him. Plus, if you have seen the movie, which you should, he can do the sexy cloak-flipping thing.

From Angel of Music:
Even though I just started to read the book, I tend to like the Phantom better than Raoul. Raoul,to me is just another pretty boy that can have any girl he wants. He is like a Casanova. The Phantom on the other hand, though may be deformed and is a little "eccentric". I pity the Phantom because of his deformity and dark past.I believe that you could love somebody even if he is ugly on the outside, because its the inside that counts. Erik's beauty is in the inside and he truly loves Christine, he has the heart to let Christine stay with Raoul. He truly is a Angel of Music.

From Clair:
There are surely many reaons for Christine to have stayed with Erik (I know I would have!) He's been her angel, he's taught her, guided her, and (in a roundabout way) protected her. He gave her a chance at what she loved doing.
What's more, his voice is completely seductive, as is his manner. Every girl wants a guy who's a little bit mysterious.
He needs her love so very much, perhaps now he is murderous, but that's because he's so alone, Christine could change that and give him a chance at a future that's not steeped in loneliness.
I cannot understand why anyone would choose Raoul over Erik.

From Haley:
Who wouldn't want to stay with Erik? Looks don't matter, it's whats on the inside that counts. He'll make you happy and please you. His voice, and mask make him mysterious and is very sexy. I could see myself having better days with him.

From Kara Stevens:
I would choose Erik because of his Music everytime he sang to Christine you could tell he put his soul into it. He tried to please her with everything. Plus he is Mysterious, and that is what I like in a man. It's not what is important on the outside but what's important on the inside. Erik teaches us a great lesson, since he gave everything to Christine, he shouldn't of counted on her to give him eternal love. Even though I would. He's dead sexy.

From Jamie Lynne:
I would choose Erik, but we must remember that even though he was a deep, emotional individual, he also was meant to be a very frightening supervillain. Many gothic figures are. Dracula, for one. I mean, for christ sake, he skin was falling off, and he had glowing yellow eyes. That's heavy!
I will say that Erik loves Christine so much more than Raoul because Raoul only hates Erik because he knows that Erik has Christine's heart. Raoul wouldn't have even recognized her had she not been able to sing, thanks to the Angel of Music. Leroux blurs the line between reality and fantasy...and Erik represents the antithesis of the fairytale in which Christine and Raoul, and everyone in the story, live. Erik is so alluring because he's not perfect, and hes not phoney. He's 'real' (ironic, because he's named the 'phantom'), in a manner of speaking. Some people may like Raoul...but they are probably the ones that have always had the fairytale life and who dated the popular kids, lol. Erik any day of the week.

From Susan:
This Phantom. He can learn how to live from someone he trusts. He's got everything else including earth shattering love and passion, which is rare in a man.

From Lise:
I would have chosen Erik because even though the only emotion he had gotten from anyone was hate, he could still love someone the way he did. He needed someone to love him. I think she loved him, but she longed for a life that Raoul could give her, minus the passion and mystery. Raoul is a nice guy, but I think that Erik is the better man. But it is also nice to have a story where the people who should be together arn't together in the end because that is the way life really is; people aren't always with the ones they love most and who love them.

From Rahel:
"I believe it's a play about how the cruelties of the world forced a man to become something he never would have been, and how he loved a young girl enough to let her go." --Erin
That was a lovely idea and well put.
It would be a terribly hard decision between these two. Erik is a genius; Raoul is commonly characterized as (at least) somewhat foppish. And, it must be taken into consideration, that Erik was a murderer. He had been acustomed to killing for so long, that he had no reaction to it - no sense of responsibility to human life. In his defence, he had most certainly been dealt a rotten hand in the people he'd worked with. Only the Daroga (book) seems to have shown him any compassion. The moment I felt the most pity for him, in both book and musical, was when he spoke about his mother's aversion to him. Still, it remains that he is dangerous. Christine, if she had the inclination, might possibly have changed this; however she cannot be blamed for wanting security. As a note to the people who dislike her for going to the supposidly deep-pocketed Vicomte: They vanish after leaving the Phantom's home. It is assumed there was a violent quarrel between Raoul and Phillipe.
Erik is a genius, he writes music, trains Christine's voice, advances her career, is an architect and worsts La Carlotta. I might well have chosen him over poor, young Raoul but his nobility is displayed so wonderfully in his renouncing Christine that it would spoil the book to give Erik a happy ending. Such a pity too; he indeed appeals to us because we all have a side that is not accepted. Poor Erik.
My apologies if this post is confusing. My thoughts are rather mixed.

From Minna:
I would have chosen Erik, because he is so sweet, and all he wanted was to be loved for himself. His mother Madeleine was terrible to him, and I for one could have given him everything he deserved! He's adorable and talented, and his face shouldn't cause everyone to hate him! He didn't CHOOSE to be that way! It's just so sad how everyone treated him.

From Kirbee:
Without Christine, he isn't complete. He says without her his soul can't take flight, and without her, his music of the night is silenced.

From Nichole:
Why wouldn't anyone want to stay with Erik? Every girl wants a man who will care more about her wellbeing than his own and Erik does that. He is constantly trying to make CHristine happy. He also taught her to sing, so he is the reason that she was even noticed by Raoul in the first place. Erik also is a gentleman; he stepps down and allowd Raoul to take Christine at the end of the play. He would rather suffer a life of misery than have her do the same. His voice, mask, hat and cape all add a mysterious air that is very sexy. Why wouldn't she want to be with him?

From Mangamazoku:
Why is Erik better than Raoul? Underground house on a lake. How cool would that be?

From Clare:
I'm not quite sure how I actually got to this webpage as I was looking for ingredients for dinner, however I personally wish that Christine had picked Erik as the man that she would spend the rest of her life with, if only to strike out from the beaten path and not choose to lead an uninteresting and stereotypical life as is bound to have happened after she married Raoul. Now back to dinner..

From Kim:
I would have chosen Erik because he is beautiful, maybe not physical but his mind, you just want to care and look after him, love him and make him love himself. And if he could write songs for me to sing or for him to sings songs to me that would be fantastic, halk! alas its only make believe but hey everyone can have fantasies.

From Charly:
I just feel terribly sorry for Erik and can't stand the ending of the show. I recently went to see the movie and it had me in tears at the end. At least now I know I'm not the only one who would have chosen Erik! I also would have stayed with Erik (the poor soul) because in the novel he DIES after Christine leaves him! THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN!


4. He could be happy at last.
3. He wouldn't be lonely.
2. He is a musical genius.
1. The whole thing with the mask!

Remember looks aren't everything! Well for some people, unlike Miss Daae.

From Sarah:
I very much agree with everything you said above. (FINALLY I get some proof endorsing Erik vs. Raoul, as everyone I know agrees with Christine's choice! *grr*) As well as everything you've brought up earlier, Raoul may be a hot, rich, somewhat caring guy, but he's spoiled and amazingly shallow. Erik is DEEP -- he feels things more in depth than everyone else, perhaps because of his painful, lonely life. That depth, that passion, is a hell of a lot sexier than Raoul will ever be.

From Amanda:
I DO disagree when people say that Christine didn't love the Phantom. I'm not saying she didn't love Raoul; but that she loved both. She mostly loved the IDEA of Raoul, the fairy tale idea of him riding in on a white horse to save her from the "monster." But the "monster" was her true soulmate. However unconscious it was, in the musical, she sings, "Wildly my mind beats against you, but my soul obeys." Which means that, even though her conscious heart belonged to Raoul, her soul, and therefore love, had ALWAYS unconsciously belonged to Erik. I truly think that if she had been able to rip herself apart, she would have gone with both, but the appeal of a long and full life was just too much for her to throw it away for Erik, even if it did mean losing a part of her own being. And as far as THEIR love for HER goes, this is how I think of it. Raoul: He did love her, but it was something that had been ingrained into his mind from his childhood. He loved the idea of her too. He fought for her, yes, but he always made the automatic assumption that he was her only choice. There was no way he was going to let her go, and he was trying to blackmail her just as much as the Phantom. "Say you love him, and my life is over!" How could anyone live with knowing that they'd caused pain like that? Christine really had almost no choice in the matter. The Phantom: He loved her more than his own life. He saw in her something of himself as a child, and took her under his wing... finally falling passionately in love with her when their lives became so tightly interwoven. But even when he was ready to kill her lover, he realized that he loved her too much to condemn her to a life of darkness and despair, so he let her go. With the one man that he had to hate more than any other. JUST so that she would be happy. Raoul would just never do that! Even for her sake. And besides, anyone who can touch your soul with just the sound of his voice... it's obvious that that's the one to choose. I know I would've!!!

From Robyn:
Raoul is a nice guy, but he doesn't hold a candle to the Phantom. I have just seen the film version and, having seen the stage version four times on Broadway, I was completely satisfied. Raoul may love Christine enough to die for her, but the Phantom loves her enough to let her go. Raoul is sweet and kind and gentle, but the Phantom is the embodiment of human passion. He's a musical genius. So what if he's disfigured? Who doesn't have a mask fetish? Erik is the most wonderful man in the world. Raoul "I must see her... Where did she go?" de Chagny is just nowhere near the same category.

From Amy:
I would choose Erik because he and Christine apparently have been together for some time now, even if only talking and not seeing each other. He taught her to sing well and was her friend when she did not have one. I absolutely love the way he controls how things are done on the theater. Christine should have taken the time to really get to know him inside and out. By the way I have only seen the movie, but plan on reading the book soon.

From Stephanie:
I would have stayed with Erik, most definitely!!! All of your reasons are absolutely on target, just one little thing to add.
Erik's life has been hard, to say the very least. Christine should realize that Erik needs her more than Raoul ever could. Raoul could easily have girls all over him, he's a rich handsome Vicomte! But Christine is Erik's last chance at love. If she leaves him now, he will be alone forever, a sad fate for one so gifted!
Not to mention the fact that Raoul's love could never match Erik's in a million years! After Christine kissed him, he realized that she could never be happy with him, and he learned the lengths to which she would go to leave him. To kiss a *monster*! He loves her so much that he wishes her total happiness, even if it means his death.

From O.G.:
Erik is superior. Enough said. Raoul is, as Governor of California Arnold Schwarzahoweveryouspellit would say, a "Girly-man". His only purpose is, well, okay there really isn't any purpose for him. He is an annoying little twit who should DIE. *fingers punjab lasso* I really cried when Erik failed to hang him. That was ALMOST as sad as Raoul's pointless existance! Now let's take a look at Erik. Genius, where Raoul is possibly the dimmest bulb on the Christmas tree of humanity, perhaps even the most burnt out one while I'm at it. He keeps his at the level of eyes the whole time he's searching for Christine. EXCEPT when he actually enters Erik's presence. Sense of humor. Or lack of it actually. Did you hear him crack one measly little joke throughout the book, film, or play? Hm? Well? No? I didn't think you did. The only drawback I can see is when the little kiddies arrive. Imagine trying to explain to everyone at school that your dad haunts the Opera Populaire as a profession and kills pesky stage crew people who know too much in his free time.ell, it is better than saying your father is a twit who doesn't really DO anything since he came into his inheritance through family. Rather lazy. And if you really think about it, haunting the opera and making La Carlotta croak like a toad is rather fun. Er... though I wouldn't really know anything about that... uh...hehe.
Your Obedient Friend,
An Angel

From Johnathan Cain:
I'm not a Rabid Admirer, but neither do I despise Raoul... much... anyway, all he is is a surface. He's sweet alright, but esentially shallow... Erik represents looking beyond the external. Marry for looks, and you marry for ill, marry for love, and marry for good. My Grandmother used to say that :)

From Laura:
Just like to say the people who think Christine was right in staying with Raoul must love drippy men! Give me Erik (or the Phantom as theatre goers know him) anyday; he's everything a woman wants. Ok so he threatened and might have murdered, but that just proves how strong his feelings for Christine were.
Raoul's solution seemed to be to shower his wealth on Christine, as nice as it is to be bought things if there is no thought behind them they are just pointless gifts to impress not prove that your cared about.
To sum the argument up, Raoul lovers must no truly see beyond expensive gifts and flattery. Personally I would rather have a caring guy with the intelligence not the wallet.

From Cat:
Aaaahh...Erik...you poor misunderstood man...How could Christine choose Raoul over you, a musical genius??? How??? To me, Raoul has *NOTHING* over the Phantom!!!! Absolutely nothing!! Erik had every right to be murderous and angry and resentful of a world that "showed no kindness" to him! I find it remarkable that in such a tortured soul one can find such passion, emotion, and love hidden deep within! He *LOVED* her!!! That's my case, and i'm sticking to it!

From Erin:
Honestly, in all fairness, I wouldn't have chosen either. in another time, in another place, and in other circumstances, perhaps I would have chosen Erik. However, in THESE particular circumstances, you can't ignore the fact that, Erik's love for Christine was deadly. He was a murderer, and his love for her was obsessive, his orders for her strict. Although I believe she loved him, it would never have been good for her to stay with him. Now, the reason I wouldn't have gone with Raoul (and Christine shouldn't have either) is that, however brave his actions may have been, she would have never been able to completely absolve the phantom from her mind. After experiencing such a passionate love with the phantom, how COULD she get him out of her head? Now before everyone jumps at me for saying I wouldn't go with either, instead of going with Erik, I will admit that I felt terrible for Erik. forced underground, never to feel warmth, or love. I think the reason he WAS so deranged was simply because he had been locked away so long, and once he felt love for the first time, he would have done anything to keep it. but that still doesn't change the fact that he WAS deranged. and, in reply to "Rachelle", I don't think this is a play about "an angel that becomes a deranged murderer". I believe it's a play about how the cruelties of the world forced a man to become something he never would have been, and how he loved a young girl enough to let her go.

From Rachelle:
Well, first I have to state the facts as they really are. Erik was obsessed with christine to the point of being frightening, he kidnapped her, threatened to murder her lover (which he was quite capable of doing, as he had proven a few times before that incident), and he practically enslaved her to the theater. That being said, I still would have chosen him without a seconds hesitation. Raoul was a ninny, a spineless twit whose most memorable line from the play is: "christine! Angel!" He had no brain of his own, absolutely none. And his heart may have been in the right place, but you cant tell me that a handsome viscount couldnt have found solace in the love of another pretty girl. The Phantom, on the other hand, never loved again in his life. He was passionate, brilliant, and had the voice of an angel, and was laying all of that at her feet. Yes, he was twisted too, but that was only because he thought that he had to manipulate her into loving him, much like he manipualted the menagers of the theater, because he believed that he could never be loved for who he was. All of his life he had been shunned, forced underground like a rat, when if he had looked like a normal person, he would have been revered. And he was definately intelligent enough to understand that. However, what he felt for her was not mere obsession, because when it really counted, he allowed her to go free. He really did want her to be happy. And i think it is heartrending that instead of being a story of how love turned a monster into an angel, which it could have been if Christine had more spine and more brain mass, is remains a story of an angel that becomes a deranged murderer.

From Jillian D.:
Erik has all the human emotions from deep within him, but only one emotion that he craved was...love. I read the Gaston Leroux and Susan Kay novels that shared many emotions between all the main characters (like Erik or Phantom, Christine Daae and Raoul de Chagny). It's like a love triangle between one woman or girl and two men. Her passionate suitors of her life. If I was Christine, I will chose Erik, not Raoul because Erik maybe be disfigured and deformed in the outside, but not in the inside. Erik always adores and loves Christine with all his heart and soul, but he let her choose between to stay with Erik or send Raoul to his grave. Erik had recived his very first kiss, but he realized he can't let Christine to live within the darkness. He made a sacifice to send her away and let Raoul lived, but let them both go. Erik revealed to Christine that he loved her and revealing his breakdown with filled of emotions. During the past of Gaston Leroux Novel and there were others novels that tale different tales between the Phantom known as Erik and Christine Daae. The Eternal Quality of Love.

From Amanda:
Heck Yeah I would have chosen Erik...I totally agree with you that he adores Christine....Raoul does love her *BUT* Erik loves her FAR more. I think Christine was a total fool not to choose him...could'nt she see the love he had for her? Geez, I would have stayed with him..forget Raoul...haha. :)
*Cries* I feel bad for Erik! Darn Christine!

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