Music & Book by: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Directed by: Trevor Nunn
Lyrics by: Don Black and Charles Hart
Based on the novel
Aspects of Love by David Garnett

How do you sum this show up? It's basically about a young man, Alex, and how his life changes through a variety of relationships which teach him that love is not always a happy or healthy thing. Read the complete synopsis.

For an even more detailed look at the show, browse through the libretto, which is pretty close to being complete.


Aspects is based on a novel of the same name, and it's really astonishing what a faithful adaptation of the book it is! There was really nothing left out. Find out a bit more about the novel or find out more about how the musical developed.

This was one of the first theatre CDs I bought, and is still a favourite. Read my review of the CD, or listen to a clip from one of my favourite musical moments.

If you'd like to play the music for yourself, check out the sheet music.

Apparently this show was staged quite near to me at one point in time (in Edmonton), but at the time, I wasn't really paying attention. And now that I really want to see the show, I can't find it. But as soon as I get a chance to see it on stage, I will, and I'll share my thoughts here when I do!

Since my only exposure to the show has been the CD, most of my favourites come from there! :-) Take a look at my thoughts on some of the performers that have been in this show.

Once you're done looking around here, check out some of the other Aspects of Love websites that are out there.

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